Interested in volunteering at the InfoShop? Well, there are usually plenty of projects and events you can help out with… if you’re interested, call the InfoShop at (608)-262-9036 and leave a message.

Also, you can check out our bi-weekly collective meetings, usually held on alternate Tuesdays at 6:30 pm (at the InfoShop). See the Activist Calendar or the main InfoShop homepage for exact meeting dates.

As the InfoShop is a cooperatively-run organization, we ask that new volunteers seeking regular staff shifts participate in an orientation and membership process, and that they regularly attend collective meetings. However, if you cannot make a regular commitment, we also welcome participation in projects and outreach activities on an ad hoc basis.

If you’re wondering what kind of stuff you can do around the InfoShop, here are just a few examples…

  • Help keep the InfoShop open for regular hours and assist users in finding the resources they need.
  • Cataloging and organizing resources like our awesome Zine library and video collection!
  • Promoting InfoShop events through postering, leafleting, chalking, and other promotional activities.
  • Assisting with outreach and fundraising efforts.
  • Producing factsheets, pamphlets and other “propaganda” on popular topics.
  • Seeking out and gathering new items for our collections.
  • Organizing special events like skill-shares and providing information tables at community events.
  • Networking with various progressive organizations on campus and in the community to work towards common goals.

For more details on the volunteer membership process and volunteer duties, please see our Volunteer Protocol.

The InfoShop often welcomes volunteer efforts that form part of class projects, research activities, coalition work, or community service goals. If you are interested in such participation in the InfoShop, please contact our volunteer coordinator to discuss how you might be able to help the InfoShop (and how the InfoShop can help you!).

Volunteer Protocol

To become a regular volunteer we ask for a minimum ONE MONTH COMMITMENT including…

    • completing new member/volunteer orientation with an existing volunteer
    • volunteering ten hours over the course of the month or about two hours per week, not all of these hours need be in the Infoshop itself since they could also occur offsite (such as tabling at events)
    • attend 2 collective meetings

Volunteer responsibilities include these basics:

    • Log visitors and calls
    • Maintaining the Infoshop as a welcoming environment  -standing up to harassment, helping to provide a safe space for marginalized peoples.  No weapons or police allowed.
    • Space remains alcohol/drug free in presence of minors, or anyone else who is in recovery or feels uncomfortable in the presence of alcohol/drugs – alcohol may be allowed at special events with collective approval, as long as alternatives are also available.
    • Clean up after yourself (and potentially anyone not responsible enough to do it for themselves)

.Exceptions to some policies may be made by decision of the collective.

Further details on collective policies will be available during orientation. After the orientation period, or in conjunction with a special project, individuals may request long-term access to a key. The individual should attend the collective meeting to voice their request.

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