Madison Activist Calendar from 5/11/20 – COVID-19 Quarantine Solidarity Edition!

Madison Activist Calendar from 5/11/20 – COVID-19 Quarantine Solidarity Edition!

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This calendar is brought to you by the friendly volunteer collective of the Madison Infoshop, 1202 Williamson St., Madison, WI 53703

We are a non-hierarchical freespace and activist clearinghouse that needs your support to survive and flourish. Check out our free lending library (videos, books, periodicals, zines), our other community resources (art supplies, theater props, graphix and stencils, megaphones, and button maker). We also host meetings and help organize events.

Sat. May 16th 111:00 am CST Nakba Commemoration Panel Webinar hosted by Friends of Sabeel-North America (FOSNA). This panel features Palestinian activist: Ahed Tamim, in conversation with Indigenous scholar-activist, Melanie Yazzie, and Palestinian American activist, Nadya Tannous. From Palestine to Turtle Island (North America) settler colonialism continues to exploit land and natural resources to the detriment of indigenous communities. These powerful women will share past and present stories of Indigenous resistance to colonialism, connecting their struggles for liberation. To register for the webinar, visit:

Sun. May 17th 1:00 pm CST CENSORED! – Al Jazeera’s Documentary on the Israel Lobby-USA. Screening of a one-hour summary of the four-part Al Jazeera 2016 investigative report that was never allowed to air, followed by Q&A. The film exposes the efforts of Israel and its lobbyists to spy on, smear and intimidate US citizens who support Palestinian human rights, especially BDS – the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. It shows that Israel’s semi-covert, black-ops government agency, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, is operating this effort in collusion with an extensive network of US-based organizations. To participate, please join the Zoom meeting:

Thurs. May 21st 6:00 pm Flu Pandemic of 1918 in Wisconsin – virtual event with Dr. Kurt E. Leichtle, History Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and hosted by the Mount Horeb Area Historical Society. For those of us living through it, the widespread and devastating effects of the novel coronavirus global pandemic feel completely unprecedented. But historians can’t help but see parallels and similarities between today’s pandemic and the deadly influenza that circled the planet over a century ago, infecting roughly 1 in 3 and responsible for as many as 50 million deaths.
Dr. Leichtle will focus on the events and effects of the
1918 flu pandemic in a world context and translate that back to events in Wisconsin. He will also ask us to consider how 1918’s experience can inform our reactions to and defenses against the current pandemic—what lessons can history teach us?

This event is FREE, but registration is required to obtain the weblink (you can also choose to join by phone. To register, email: (please include “5-21 Pandemic Virtual Event” in the subject line) or call 608-437-6486. More info, visit the Facebook event:

Support Neighbor Loaves through the Artisan Grain Collaborative!

Through this COVID-19 inspired initiative, you can help support family farmers, local millers, artisanal bakers, and their communities! Now more than ever we need a regional grain value chain and community access to high quality bread – you can also buy a loaf to share with someone in need!

More info? Visit:

Get Involved with the Food Justice Garden Project!

The Dane County TimeBank, Rooted, and Feed to Go are linking to grow farm-fresh produce and redistribute it to the families that are most impacted by food injustice and structural racism.

Rooted is a nonprofit agriculture production and education-focused organization, that operates Troy Farm on Madison’s Northside. Rooted’s Troy Farm will distribute $31,000 worth of vegetables this growing season to more than 60 families. TimeBank members can help make this happen.

To make this happen, Rooted’s Troy Farm has greatly ramped up production and the TimeBank has made this work the focus of our garden project this year. We need your help. Rooted is looking for Timebank members who can commit to four (4) hours of work per week working on the farm and/or helping with packaging food.

With a 4 hour per week commitment through the growing season, you can earn a box of produce weekly if you are experiencing food insecurity or you can redistribute that box to a family who needs it through Rooted’s partnerships with the local community centers. Let’s work together to grow, teach, share, and make sure everyone has fresh and healthy food to eat!

To learn more and to sign up contact: or call 608-663-0400.

OM Village Spring Plant Sale – Safer-at-Home Edition!

Occupy Madison (OM) has been growing hundreds of happy vegetable, herb, and flower seedings in our greenhouse… and we’re ready to get them safely to you for your gardens! This year’s OM spring plant sale is as easy as one, two, three:

1.) purchase your plants online, here:

2.) Write down your pick-up date! For orders placed between Monday 12 pm and Thursday 12 pm, pick up is that Friday after 12 pm. For orders placed between Thursday 12 pm and Monday 12 pm, pick up is Tuesday after 12 pm

3.) When it’s time, come to the OM Village (304 N. Third St.) and look under the tent for the bag with your name on it!

We’ll keep our OM spring plant sale open as long as we have seedlings available. Shop early for the best selection! The seedlings have been grown in a rich soil mix with Purple Cow organic compost, soil, sand, and nutrients, and tended daily with love.

All sales support Occupy Madison Inc, a membership non-profit organization whose mission is to join together to creatively work towards a more humane and sustainable world. OM Village includes five tiny homes, a woodworking shop, greenhouse, raised bed gardens, and store (closed during Safer-at-Home). For more info, visit:

Call from Madison Public Library for “Stories from a Distance” during COVID-19!

The Living History Project, Madison Public Library’s community history platform, is gathering narratives in a new initiative called Stories from a Distance. The unprecedented social distancing people are doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will have far-reaching consequences for individuals, as well as Madison businesses, schools, government, voting, and more.

Stories from a Distance will be collected in three ways:

  • Short audio or written interviews with community members that can be conducted online, via phone or through other mediums. Trained facilitators are available to help anyone interested in sharing their story.
  • Share a story or moment by submitting an image that evokes this time for you and a written response to it – the response can be a song, poem, short essay or even a brief caption.
  • If you’ve posted or shared a story elsewhere already, you can submit a public link for sharing in the Stories from a Distance collection.

Stories from a Distance will gather and share narratives related to COVID-19 and Safer at Home until March 2021. The scope of the project is limited to anyone with a strong Madison connection. For more info, visit:

Support Madison Teen Activists Getting Menstrual Products to Those in Need During the Pandemic!

Because of COVID-19, most schools, businesses, public facilities, and places of work have been closed, yet 25% of those who menstruate rely on educational institutions and local businesses to provide period products each month. At such an unsettled and uncertain time, many community centers have also neglected to recognize menstrual products as basic necessities, that are unsafe for people to go without. Period products should be of the same concern as other health products like toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, and soap. Whatever funds are raised will be used to help local shelters, schools, and health facilities in Wisconsin provide free menstrual products to those who would otherwise not be able to afford them.

To support this effort, visit the Go Fund Me page:

Support Dane County Community Defense!

Mutual aid in this time of crisis is critical and Dane County Community Defense is in need of more donations and volunteers! They need helping calling folks in need, as well as pointing them towards other resources available in the community.

For more details about this community solidarity effort and to sign up for volunteering, please visit:

You can also make donations for this effort, by visiting:

You can also support growing community demands to release folks from the Dane County Jail whose only real “crime” is being too poor to afford a cash bond! Prisons are proven disease incubators that need to be emptied out as much as possible in this time of pandemic. Money should be diverted instead to healthcare and housing, especially for people who will be homeless upon release! Call Sheriff Mahoney, DA Ozanne, the circuit court judges, and your Dane County Board Supervisor using this sample phone script: Connect with PSL Madison for future car caravan protests and other actions – more info at:

The Free The 350 Bail Fund is also holding a series on online concerts to raise money to free folks in Dane County Jail who don’t have enough money to pay their bail!

To support this effort, visit:

Buy One for a Neighbor Needs your support!

Access to safe local healthy food is a top priority in times like these, especially for those already barely making ends meet. This effort will be contracting with area farmers now for produce to distribute to struggling families all season long. Farmers won’t have to worry if markets are closed or sparsely attended and we ensure low-income neighbors have access to healthy local food. To make a donation and find out more, visit:

The Dane County Farmer Market and Fair Share CSA Coalition have also set up an Emergency Farmer Fund to assist local growers whose markets have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

To support this effort, visit:

You can also support Farm to Families Fund / Fundo de Granjas a Familias!

This emergency initiative between REAP, Roots4Change, and Rooted will purchase fresh, healthy, locally grown food from regional family farms and provide it to Madison-area Latino/Indigenous residents and families hard-hit by job loss, food insecurity, lack of access to social services, and federal anti-immigration provisions.  These boxes contain purchased and donated produce, protein and grains from area growers and producers. Community members who are now unemployed due to the pandemic will also be paid to deliver the food to the homes of the recipient families. To contribute to this effort, visit:

And since we also know that our undocumented friends, relatives, and co-workers will NOT be receiving any federal COVID-19 relief checks from the $2 trillion package that just passed Congress, please consider making donations to support folks in that community!

Voces de la Frontera Direct Relief Fund:

Centro Hispano’s Latino Consortium for Action (LAC) Emergency Relief Fund:

If you want to support your favorite restaurant/tavern/food service worker who may now be out of job for awhile, check out the Madison Virtual Tip Jar:

And there is a similar initiative for struggling out-of-work musicians and artists underway:

As we deal with this historic pandemic, the Wisconsin State Historical is also working hard to collect people’s stories of struggle and solidarity throughout this whole pandemic experience. You can find out more details and share your stories here:

Lastly, the Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJS) has a very comprehensive listing of mutual aid efforts and other solidarity opportunities statewide which is constantly being updated. For the latest updated version, please visit:


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