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The InfoShop staff and volunteers occassionally prepare factsheets and fliers on various topics. We have put a few online for our web users to peruse…

Please Note: some items have been formatted to allow for later addition of clip art graphics. The graphics are not included in the files.

To make things a bit easier, we’ve divided our factsheets into different categories… only problem is, alot of our factsheets could fit into multiple categories, so if you can’t find what your looking for, feel free to browse the whole collection!


Sweat Free Carols! (45.0k Microsoft Word) — Celebrate the holiday season of conscience with “Peace on Earth and Goodwill To ALL Workers.” Hits include “Away in a Sweatshop” and “God Rest Ye Weary Laborers.” Perfect musical accompaniment for Buy Nothing Day actions…

Rabble Rousers’ Anarchist Guide to Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead(33.5k Microsoft Word) — An anarchist history and perspective of everyone’s favorite autumn holiday.

Don’t Break Our Hearts! Support Fair Trade Chocolate (30.5k Microsoft Word) — Quick facts on fair trade chocolate, originally made for the Valentine’s Day holiday (hence the title…).


The Mad Cows Finally Come Home (53.5k Microsoft Word) — An excellent detailed article provided by Family Farm Defenders, explaining the origins of the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or “Mad Cow Disease”) crisis and what can be done to stop it.

Is there Krap in your Kraft Singles? (35.0k Microsoft Word) — Quick facts on Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) and the threat it poses to farmers and the potential threats MPC poses to food safety.

Nuking Food For Profit – What’s Wrong With Food Irradition? (46.5k Microsoft Word) — Critical discussion of the problems related to irradiation of food and its real impact on food “safety.”

Got Pus? The UW sells rBGH tainted milk again! (32.5k Microsoft Word) — An infosheet on the UW’s controversial practices related to use of rBGH in the campus dairy.

See also “Holiday Stuff” category for holiday-specific labor and trade related items.

What can YOU do after Miami? — How you can help in the fight for fair trade, as well as how to help in the response to police repression of the FTAA protests in Miami. Available in the following formats:

Tyson Foods: Poisoned by Corporate Greed — On Friday Feb. 28, 2003 over 470 workers of UFCW Local 538 at the Tyson Plant in Jefferson, WI went out on strike rather than swallow a humiliating concession package. Learn more about their struggle and what you can do to help win a victory for organized labor. Available in the following formats:

“The Landmine Factory Next Door” Exposing the Military-Industrial Complex in Wisconsin (36.0k Microsoft Word) — An article by InfoShop volunteer John Peck detailing research on military industry in Wisconsin and the UW’s role in military research.

Corporatization of Unions: A Threat To Workers Everywhere (23.0k HTML) — An article by UW InfoShop volunteer John Peck on the growing corporate mentality in America’s unions and the need for radical unionism.

Global Corporatization and Free Trade: Is the WTO Really a Good Idea for Wisconsin (64.5k Microsoft Word) — A look at the controversy around “free trade” from a distinctly Wisconsin perspective.


Gentrification Campaign Flier (165k Adobe PDF) — an old flier for the UW Greens’ (the predecessor organization of the InfoShop) anti-gentrification campaign.

Wal-Mart: The Quintessential Suburban Nightmare (32.5k Microsoft Word) — A simple guide to the labor and development issues surrounding Wal-Mart and its expansion in small town America.

Homeland (In)Security: Feeding State Terrorism In Our Cities (84.0k Microsoft Word) — An infosheet compiled for the Creative Peoples’ Resistance on issues of police militarization and oppression in America’s cities.

Co-operatives and Anarcho-Spatialism (13.5k HTML) — A critique of “private property” as we know it and new ways of looking at issues of land ownership.


AN ACTIVIST’S GUIDE TO POLICE CHEMICAL WEAPONS — The InfoShop’s hit factsheet all about chemical weapons used by police, how they work, how you can prepare, and what to do if exposed. 
Available in the following formats: 

  • Adobe PDF (1.46 MB) — recommended for high-quality printing.
  • Microsoft Word (975k, incl. graphics]) — recommended for users who may choose to edit the document. NOTE TO MAC USERS: This file might not open with proper formatting and print settings on Macs running older versions of MS Word.

Computer Security for the Average Activist! (129k Adobe PDF) — Basic computer security tips for activists, along with brief explanations of growing threats to privacy and security. Companion PowerPoint Presentation:Slideshow from Computer Security skillshare. (349k Gzip compressed file)

Street Theater 101 (38.5k Microsoft Word) — A quick intro to the philosophy and tactics of street theater, including a bibliography of resources for burgeoning guerilla actors and actresses!

How to Handle the Heat: Helpful Tips When One Is Confronted By The Police (34.5k Microsoft Word) — A tipsheet on just what the title says! Know your rights!


A Brief History of the KKK and Other Right Wing Hate Groups in Wisconsin(64.0k Microsoft Word) — An excellent concise article about some of the history of the far-right’s activities here in Wisconsin.


NEW! What’s Wrong with MG&E and its Dirty Coal Energy 
Known as Wisconsin’s filthiest power plant, MG&E’s Blount St. plant in the very heart of Madison generated about 5% of the electricity for its 135,000 customers in 2006.Learn about the consequences of dirty coal energy and find out how you can help fight for clean energy.  Also available as a Word document (28k)

Madison Media Contacts List (Spring 2006 Edition)
The InfoShop has long maintained a Madison Media Contacts list which many groups have used to help get the word out about campaigns and actions… now the list is available right here on the web! Also available as aWord document (28k)

Wisconsin’s Trends Away From Competitive Elections
Infoshop volunteer John Wilson has compiled these startling graphs showing the decline in competitive elections in Wisconsin since the 1920’s. A must see for anyone interested in the current state of our democracy.

How to Protect Yourself, Your Family and Friends, and Your Community from Toxic Waste and other Health Threats!
Concerned about pollutants in your own backyard? Take a look at the InfoShop’s new factsheet for information on how you can contact local and university officials about your concerns. Also available as a Word document(25k)

Power, Pollution, and Politics: Corporate Corruption and UW-Madison’s Power Plant (37.5k Microsoft Word) — A detailed article discussing some of the controversy related to UW’s proposed new West Campus Cogeneration Facility.

Emma Does Madison! (18k HTML) — A brief historical article by UW InfoShop volunteer John Peck on Emma Goldman’s visit to Madison, and how it tied into the greater controversy over campus free speech that led to the donation of the famous “sifting and winnowing” plaque on Bascom Hall.

Suits and Spooks–How To Research, Expose, and Challenge Military and Corporate Influence on Campus (55.5k Microsoft Word) — Offers ways to address the growing problem of corporate and military pressures on our universities. Includes lots of good contact info for groups working to confront these issues.


Creative Peoples’ Resistance Kickoff Posters — As a service to the CPR, we posted their kickoff posters on the InfoShop website. For historical reasons, and because the posters were so cool, we’ve kept them available for download: 

“All this money, and I don’t even have a match to burn it with”
(24kb PDF)

(20kb PDF)

“These patriotic Americans want you to… RESIST!”
(21kb PDF)

“Are you sick of getting screwed by the rich and powerful…”
(21kb PDF)

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