Library wish list

Donations help the InfoShop better serve the community. The collective members have put together the following list of both general donation requests and a number of specific items that would be of great use to the InfoShop. If you are interested in making a donation, please stop in at the InfoShop or call us at 262-9036. Also, please see our recent annual fundraising appeal for more details on how you can help.

Here are a few general ideas for donations…

Money- It goes towards our rent and utilities

Videos and DVDs of activist interest — We always appreciate new additions to our video collection, especially of hard to find independent media productions and films of interest to activists.

Books — We appreciate donations of new and gently-used books of interest to the activist community. We also collect quality general interest books on behalf of the Books to Prisoners project.

Art and Office Supplies — The InfoShop can always use art and office supplies of all sorts, including things like markers, poster board, canvas, pens and pencils, glue, construction paper, paint, etc.

Laser printer (compatible with Mac OS X 10.2) — A working laser printer would a great aid in producing our factsheets.

Sponsoring a month of rent or phone expenses — Rent and other overhead expenses are by far the biggest strain on the InfoShop’s budget. We would greatly appreciate donations toward covering these expenses.

Photocopier w/service contract — It would be totally awesome if the InfoShop could have a photocopier on-site… so if you’re feeling generous or have the right connections to help us out on this front, we’d greatly appreciate the donation of a photocopier.
And here is our annual fundraising appeal wishlist, with some more specific suggestions…
Madison Infoshop – Winter 2008 Wish List!

video projector
digital camera and/or digital camcorder
DVD recorder
computer keybards, mice, and mouse pads
silk screening and stenciling supplies
sewing machine that works and supplies
art supplies and craft materials: brushes, paint, sheets, poster board, etc.
bookshelves (real sturdy ones!)
boom box with CD/tape payer and radio
Periodical Subscriptions for our lending library:
Magazine Subscriptions — You can help us renew a specific subscription or donate money to be put towards subscriptions to magazines and journals.
Earth First!
Green Anarchy
Rolling Thunder
Turning the Tide

Videos/DVDs for our Lending Library:
American Revolution 2
Children of Men
King Corn
Let it Burn (Radical Films)
Murder of Fred Hampton
Real Dirt On Farmer John
Sacco and Vanzetti
Made In Secret: The Story of the East Van Porn Collective
‘Zines, ‘zines, ‘zines, and more ‘zines! Please, give us your ‘ZINES!

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