Lending Policy

Friends of the InfoShop,

In light of continuing problems related to our lending library, we’ve decided to implement a new system for checking out items.  In order to borrow items you must…

1) Become a Member of the InfoShop
This entails filling out a page in the CHECKOUT BINDER (located on the worktable in the middle of the InfoShop), detailing your name and up-to-date contact information. This will ensure that we will be able to contact you, if for example, certain items don’t make their way back here. Also, at this time we will ask you, if you can, to…

2) Make a membership contribution of $5
The InfoShop has always been a free resource, and has never been (or will never become) a profit-driven organization. All the same, we thrive on donations. The membership donation will help us replace lost items and build our library. Of course, we want the InfoShop to still be accessible to all people regardless of their means, Therefore, this donation is not mandatory.

3) Check-Out Items
Please write down what items you are checking out on your page of the binder, and also on the check-out sheet. When these items are returned, please cross them off. (As a reminder, Zines cannot be checked out except for immediate photocopying).

4) Check-Out Periods
From now on, we’d like to ask that you return videos ONE WEEK after checkout and books ONE MONTH after checkout. We hope that this will keep items in circulation and minimize the amount of items lost.

Thanks for your understanding and support,
The InfoShop Collective

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