A People’s History of the Madison InfoShop

This digital library uses open source resources to tell the story of the Madison InfoShop by highlighting the Disorientation Manuals, published yearly by the Madison InfoShop, and political ephemera from their archives.

Digital Zine Library

The free platform Omeka contains Disorientation Manuals from 1992-2011 and a few years of highlighted political ephemera, this site has the most digitized items and we will continue to add to it as we create Dis-O manuals.

We have also used the Library of Congress’ program ViewShare, to compare the two programs use of displaying ephemeral materials and their strengths for organizations such as the InfoShop. We have collections of ephemera and zines similar to the Omeka library.

The Radical Oral History Project

The Radical Oral History Project is a partnership between librarians, the InfoShop and Rainbow Books. You can hear/view a sampling of what’s to come below. If you are interested in being involved with this project, we could always use volunteers! Email meesaj at gmail dot com.

“…InfoShop’s are just one manifestation of a much bigger social change movement” John P.  is a longtime Madison activist, community organizer and volunteer at the InfoShop. He has seen the evolution of the InfoShop since 1992, when it first opened.

There was really a big campus and Madison community building period there where there was getting to be a lot of radicalization and a lot of mobilization on both local and global issues that just crashed after September 11” Interview with Kurt by SLIS student Sara C.

A lot of great ideas are kind of born here, not only from our collective members but people who use the space…kind of like a radical think tank”   Interview with Tops about her past 5 years at the InfoShop

We lost our funding from the university in a rather controversial slue of defundings...” Interview with Jonathan.

Below is a zine made from the oral history interview with John Peck and the Omeka documents:

InfoShop history zine transcript

Watch this abbreviated version of the oral history interview, with images from the digital library:

Upcoming Events

The project will be on display at the following events in Madison and surrounding areas:

Protest on the Page: Print Culture History in Opposition to Almost Anything*
(*you can think of)
A Conference of the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture
Saturday, September 29
The Pyle Center
702 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53706

From the anti-apartheid movement to the Madison occupation: Representing dissent in the digital world.
Sarah Cummins, Molly Kahn, Melissa Nicholas

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