InfoShop Library

The infoshop offers a diverse wealth of resources to the community including…

  • books
  • magazines and newspapers
  • zines and independent/diy press
  • videos and DVDs
  • topic files on a variety of subjects
  • pamphlets and factsheets

Nearly all of these materials are available for check-out for long-term research.

Some of The InfoShop Library has moved to The InfoShop kiosk at Rainbow Books, 426 West Gilman Street  Madison, WI 53703-1009 (608) 257-6050

We also have a variety of of resources for community activists such as banners, signs, costumes and props for street theater, a button maker, media contact lists, and literature for distribution. Also, when you’re here, check out the cool political buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts and other items we offer for sale or donations.

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