Madison Infoshop’s 2019 “Reclaim the Commons” Seed Swap is OPEN – 1202 Williamson St.!

In celebration of Ground Hog Day and the eventual coming of Spring, the Madison Infoshop – in conjunction with the Mutual Aid Workspace (MAW) at the Social Justice Center (1202 Williamson St.) – would like to invite the community to participate in our 2019 “Reclaim the Commons” Seed Swap! Local heirloom and open pollinated varieties are preferred, hybrids will be “tolerated,” while patented genetically engineered seeds are most “unwelcome.”

It is also good to note that older seeds (3+ years) will have poorer germination rates (50-70%) but are certainly worth trying if you wish. While visiting the Madison Infoshop, be sure to check out our array of free zines on seed saving, agroecology, organic gardening, making compost, and the like, as well as the related book titles in our lending library available for check-out.

Seeds are a treasure that belong to everyone, so thanks for joining this collective effort at reclaiming our heritage!


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