Thurs. June 14th – Sat. June 16th Madison, WI Radical Perspectives on the ’60s and Beyond: Teach-In & Intergenerational Dialogue!

Timed to complement the sold-out Madison Reunion, this free event is modeled after the Teach-Ins of the 1960s. Radical Perspectives brings together many former and current Madison activists to investigate what happened in the ’60s, how it came down in the ’70s, and what needs to happen now to carry Radical Left initiatives forward. We are questioning our very culture—its government deceit, corporate-capitalist exploitation, environmental degradation, and antisocial behavior—triggers of ’60s activism all of which continue today. These returning radicals are coming with the express purpose of engaging in a dialogue with younger activists.

Events include:

Thurs. June 14th 6:30 pm Madison Central Library (201 W. Mifflin) The Living Legacy of The Sixties

Fri. June 15th 11:30 am UW-Madison’s Library Mall Rally for the People, Peace and the Planet! Followed by a Noon March to the State Capitol and Send Off of the Building Unity Bus Tour at 12:45 pm! Madison in the ‘60s was a center of opposition to injustice and inequality at home and the murderous Vietnam War… People in the streets made a difference then and that activist spirit is still alive today! Build a united movement to say “No” to racism and war, militarism and violence, and the destruction of Earth, and “Yes!” to democracy, all human rights (women, LGBTQ+, workers, immigrants, etc.) and the rights of all living beings to exist in a healthy and sustainable world!

Fri. June 15th 6:00 pm A Room of One’s Own Bookstore (315 W. Gorham) Authors’ Talk & Radical Welcome! Among the authors presenting will be Max Elbaum reading from his Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che.

Sat. June 16th 9:00 am – 7:30 pm UW-Madison, Union South (1308 W. Dayton St.) Radical Perspectives on the ‘60s and Beyond Teach-In! More than a dozen panel discussions plus hospitality, activist book sale, and more. Some panels take a historical focus, while others look forward. A partial list includes: Vietnam Anti-War Movement (2 parts): 1965-69 and 1970-72; Women Unmasking Power & Building Movements; High School Activism in the ’60s; Art as Activism; The UW Black Strike of 1969; Environmental Activism Today; Anti-Racism Activism Today; High School Activism Today; and
the New Left’s Radical Legacy For Today

Sponsors include the UW Odyssey Project, the Gray Panthers–Madison Chapter, Peregrine Forum, Madison Infoshop Free Skool, and Madison Industrial Workers of the World.

In the true sixties spirit, all events are free – however, donations will be appreciated.

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