Beyond Marching: Grassroots Resistance for Troubled Times!

faceoffstandingrockTues. April 4th 6:30 – 8:30 pm Christ Presbyterian Church (944 E. Gorham) Beyond Marching: Grassroots Resistance for Troubled Times!

Fourth session in a six part spring series hosted by the Madison Free Skool, Madison IWW, Young Gifted and Black, and the Peregrine Forum.

Join us to explore nonviolent direct action, including theory, historical examples, and relevance to our current situation. This session will continue exploring the later sections of Gene Sharp’s activist handbook: How Nonviolent Struggle Works Plus, we will discuss the independence movement in India (chapter 7 in the larger Sharp book, Waging Nonviolent Struggle), as well as the more recent Oaxaca Uprising in Mexico from 2006-2008. Suggested readings on Oaxaca include the “Broken Barricades” zine ( and the Fuera Ulises mini graphic history ( Paper copies of all suggested readings are available in the front window at Lakeside Press (1334 Williamson St.). Please share the Facebook event with others: For more info call #284-9082


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