Another World Is Possible! Spring 2016 Discussion Series hosted by the Madison Free Skool, the Peregrine Forum, the Madison Infoshop and the IWW Social Action & Solidarity Committee.


Tues. April 5th 6:30 pm Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative (426 W. Gilman St.)  Solidarity Unionism: a Fresh Take on How Workers Can Actually Win! Third Session of a new Spring 2016 Discussion Series “Another World is Possible” hosted by the Madison Free Skool, the Peregrine Forum, Madison Infoshop, and the Madison IWW Social Action and Solidarity Committee.  This session is meant to be more of an open discussion than a lecture, so, please bring your ideas, or, if you’d just like to come and listen in, that’s cool, too!  For those who are interested, copies of new Solidarity Unionism zine compiled by Felix Bunke are also available at Rainbow Bookstore.   Info?  Check out the Facebook event:


Future dates are also available if you are interested in hosting a discussion! Come to an earlier session and let other folks know what you would like to do – the Free Skool is whatever the participants wish it to be!


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