Debt Servitude and Debt Resistance – new Spring 2014 Madison Free Skool discussion series!

Join us to explore the sordid history of debt! Where does debt come from? How does debt disappear?   Why is so much debt deemed odious and hence illegitimate? How did people resist debt in the past? What about current debt resistance struggles?

The class will be facilitated by John E. Peck, an indebted part-time economics instructor at Madison College.   Selected reading excerpts will be made available before each session.  To get copies of the readings and for more info? or #262-9036.   Copies of the ioubooks by Graeber and Ross are also available at Rainbow Bookstore.

Below is the schedule for the series – please spread the word!
Tues. April 8th 6:30 pm Rainbow Bookstore (426 W. Gilman)
History of debt (before and after it became monetized) with excerpts from David Graeber’s Debt the First 1000 Years

Tues. April 15th 6:30 pm Rainbow Bookstore (426 W. Gilman)
Export of debt (vulture funds, debt as a tool of imperialism) with excerpts from Patricia Adams’ Odious Debts

Tues. April 29th 6:30 pm Rainbow Bookstore (426 W. Gilman)
Modern day debt crisis (banksters, 1% vs 99%) with excerpts from Andrew Ross’ Creditocracy

Tues. May 6th 6:30 pm Rainbow Bookstore (426 W. Gilman)
Debt resistance and other struggles (democratic lending and grassroots capital) with excerpts from Occupy’s Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual

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