Dis-Orientation Manual for 2012-2013 is Available!

Thanks to the herculean efforts of several volunteers, the 2012-2013 edition of the Dis-Orientation Manual is now OUT well before the start of the semester!  For those unfamiliar with the manual, it is an antidote to all the other glossy lit one gets if you’re new to town, chock-full of useful material from a radical perspective.  Since the Madison Infoshop first published a Dis-O Manual back in 1992, this popular guide to alternative resources has helped thousands of folks find their activist footing in this new community.

You can pick up your Dis-O manual at both the main Madison Infoshop (1019 Williamson St.) or at the new Madison Infoshop annex within Rainbow Bookstore (426 W. Gilman).  Copies of the Dis-O Manual will also be distributed at the Student Org. Fair on Tues. Sept. 11th (5 – 8 pm Kohl Center) and to those who join the Radical Historic Walking Tour on Thurs. Sept. 13th (4- 6 pm meet up in front of Memorial Library).

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