Wisconsin Books To Prisoners- Information Session

Wisconsin Books To Prisoners

What: Wisconsin Books To Prisoners Information Session
When: May 30th, 4 PM – 6PM
Where: 426 West Gilman, Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative
Who: Carmen Sandiego and Waldo

The Wisconsin Books To Prisoners volunteer collective will be showing folks the process of how to help with sending books to prisoners. We have our donated book collection in the basement of Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative and we can show new volunteers how the program works.

Every Wednesday at 4 PM, the Wisconsin Books To Prisoners collective meets at Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative to package books to be sent to Wisconsin prisoners or to discuss ways of keeping the program going. We have our donated book collection in the basement of Rainbow.

We have also have a LGBTQ books to prisoners part of the program, which a volunteer runs from their home and can always use help.

The Madison Infoshop receives the LGBTQ prisoner letters and this program sends books to LGBTQ prisoners in and out of state.


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