The Beehive Design Collective

The Madison Infoshop is proud to welcome the Beehive Design Collective to Madison, WI. The Beehive Collective already did a presentation at the Ambrosia Cooperative House last week with a small intimate audience.

Their presentation at UW- Madison is the True Cost of Coal. A large mural depicting Mountain Top Removal and the resistance that goes against such an ecological devastating practice. The mural is well detailed with so many stories inside the larger story. The Beehive Collective presents to the audience the story behind each little section of the overall mural. A section of the True Cost of Coal was used as a cover for the Earth First! Journal’s 30th Anniversary issue (Vol 1).

What: The True Cost of Coal

When: 04/20/12 @ 7:00pm

Where: UW-Madison, Union South (TITU)

Call: 262-9036



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