Affinities & Groups at the InfoShop

Books to Prisoners is currently meeting and taking donations at Rainbow Books on Wednesdays

Mad 4 Penokees meets at The Madison InfoShop to counter the Penokee Mine. More Information on the mine here.

Check out the Mad4Penokees Facebook and Twitter account

The Family Farm Defenders shares a space in The Madison InfoShop.

John Peck interview at Occupy Chicago

Thistle and Thorns is a local music group based out of Madison

The Madison Free School

When: Wednesday, April 25th, 7-8:30 pm
Where: CWC Office, 4th Floor Memorial Union

The Campus Women’s Center will be putting on an alternative menstrual product workshop!
We will have a display of different menstrual products (including the keeper cup, cloth pads, various types of tampons, and sponges) and information on the different products along with the reported pros and cons of each.

Also, you will have the opportunity to MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTH PAD FOR FREE!!! All of the supplies you will need in order to make them will be available along with a lesson on how to make them by Magda Konieczna!

This workshop available to allow you to learn more about your options, discuss and ask questions in a safe space, and be able to learn how to try out different methods while on a budget.

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